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Welcome to my web site that specializes in rare and unusual bayonets!!

I have been collecting bayonets for over 30 years.  I specialize in German bayonets but am always interested in any rare or unusual bayonet from around the world.  Please check out my bayonets that are for sale or trade by going to various sections below.  Unless otherwise specified, all pieces are guaranteed authentic and supported with a 'no questions asked' 3-day return policy.  Hopefully you enjoy this site and I would appreciate any comments you may have.

I also sell a very low cost membership to a Reference Section which provides information to hundreds of bayonets and provides you with its description, photos, rarity and current market value.  This reference section has been the result of compiling and maintaining what information I could find over my past 30+ plus years of collecting.  The advantage of this membership is that it helps you identify or value over a thousand bayonets, is accessible 24/7 and unlike published reference books is constantly updated with new information and prices.  Please contact me for purchasing a membership (see below for more information).  You can contact me at

My web site now is made up of two sections, 1) a 'FREE' section which includes the categories listed below that you can enter and exit as needed to find items for sale and links to other dealers/collectors, and 2) my Reference Section, that requires a paid membership and is password protected, allows people to identify bayonets, determine their rarity, value and the rifles they were issued with.

new-sign.gif (938 bytes)  PLEASE NOTE: After 15 years of using the same web site format, I have finally 'bit the bullet' and changed the website software.  My old web site had several problems with the online forms not working with all the different browsers, the site was not compatible with new mobile devices like cell phones and tablets, you couldn't see all the photos for a given item without clicking on the individual links and there were many types and errors that needed to be fixed.  All these issues have been improved or eliminated with the new software.  I have been working 6 months so far to transfer all the data and photos from the old software to the new one but hopefully you enjoy my new website with the newer format and find it easier to use.  I expect to have the new website ready to use in another couple of months.  You can check out the free access portion of my website at  This new website will also change access to the reference section which will also look different.  I will let all current reference section members know more when I get closer to implementing the new format.  I would appreciate any comments you may have. 

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To enter my paid subscription REFERENCE SECTION, please click on the link below (you must have an account name and password to access): 

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To request membership to my REFERENCE SECTION, please complete the questionnaire below or just send me an email:  (You can contact me at ).

To become a registered user of my Reference Section, that includes photos, rarities, valuations, descriptions, etc. for thousands of bayonets from all over the world, the membership fees are:

  1. $6 for 6 months 

  2. $10 for 12 months

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I will contact you shortly to acknowledge your inquiry and provide you with the URL, your account name and password, and my email or mailing address to complete your payment.  If you have any problems with the request form, or if I fail to contact you within a couple of days, please email me with the information by clicking this icon => (or at  Thank you!


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Here is a sample of the bayonet information you can find in this REFERENCE SECTION:

Canadian 1910 Ross MKII Bayonet (Ref1,No.2,page25, Ref3,ABC222,page163) jrcanrossmk2.jpg (57235 bytes) (closeup) Rarity: R1+
Comments:  Made by Ross with marking 'Ross Rifle Co., Quebec, Patented 1907' on right side of the pommel.  Left side of pommel marked with 'II for MkII model, date (i.e. 2/11 for February, 1911) and Canadian acceptance/inspection markings: arrowhead marking in a circle with a crown over a number.  This model has no extension on the muzzle ring and was produced beginning in 1910.  Came with a leather scabbard with integral frog.  This model was made until 1915.  Overall length is 372mm with a blade length of 255mm.  The muzzle ring diameter is 16.7mm. Rifle: .303 cal Mk II Ross rifle Price range: $100-$200

a mint unissued set dated 5 '16 sold for $278 in 8/12, an exc set sold for $201 in 3/11, five VG+ non-matching sets sold for $99 in 7/11, $155 in 10/11, $203 in 11/11, $191 in 1/12 & $121 in 1/16

Becoming a paying member to my Bayonet Trader Reference Section provides you with the following to quickly identify your bayonet, fighting knife or short sword:

  1. thousands of photos, dimensions, descriptions, associated rifles, rarity, value, typical price ranges and current selling prices

  2. available 24/7 to find out information yourself at your own convenience

  3. web site constantly updated with new bayonets, photos, prices, etc.

  4. I am available to help you with any questions you may have or bayonets you still cannot identify

Once I receive your payment, I will send you a return email confirming your name and password and URL address so you can begin using the Reference Section.  For quickest service, please use PayPal (  If you are willing to wait, you can pay by money order, bank check, Western Union, Bid Pay or cash by registered letter.  I will include my email and mailing address in my return email to help your process your payment.  Thanks and I hope you enjoy my web site.